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About us

OrgaNext Research is pursuing a novel approach to restore muscle strength and battle muscular atrophy in post-surgery rehabilitation of older patients Learn more


Promising clinical results of OrgaNext’ Recovery Booster therapy for older patients
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What we are developing

OrgaNext Research is developing Recovery Booster therapies; a new class of prescription drugs that support the recovery process by mitigation of the disuse atrophy and activation of satellite cells, also known as muscle stem cells. Muscle mass plays a key role in recovery from illness or trauma. Muscle strength and function is vital to the physical recovery process. Satellite cells are normally activated upon injury of exercise, but gradually fail to do so as we age. Older hospitalized patients can lose up to 10% of muscle mass in only three days. In vitro studies with NDD, OrgaNext Research’s lead compound, demonstrated that NDD activates the skeletal muscle cells in both young and aged human muscle cell-lines. Recovery after Hip Fracture, is the first target indication for NDD, addressing an urgent unmet medical need in our aging society.

OrgaNext develops innovative therapies until the proof-of-concept phase, after which partnership with third parties is sought for further development and commercialization