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About us

OrgaNext Research is ambitious. We want to improve the lives of many. Research is what we do. With a healthy disregard for the impossible we are pursuing a novel approach to restore muscle strength and battle muscular atrophy in the elderly. Learn more


OrgaNext CEO with Prime Minister Rutte in Canada
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About our name

We are in awe of the human body and are proudly standing on the shoulders of giants. So we named ourselves OrgaNext, Orga for the inspiration we find in all living things. Next- since we ambitiously follow in the footsteps of all those who unraveled the miracles of nature and science before us. Research is what we do, we develop prescription medicines. The two words together represent our awe for all things living and the applied science of making medicines. The illustration in our logo is inspired by the string of amino acids that make up a protein. It symbolizes the vitality we seek for our patients and our personal commitment. It is our signature.