As we age we can have the independent lifestyle we desire

Our vision & mission

Our Vision: As we age we can have the independent lifestyle we desire

Our Mission: To empower people to age independently. We execute our mission by  developing medicines that help people to recover their physical strength after illness or injury.

Our Values: We care for the people we work with and the customers we work for. We seek what is best for our customers in the belief that happy customers are the driver of sustainable growth and earnings. We want to empower the autonomy of our customers and expect everybody to go above and beyond their call of duty to do so.

OrgaNext Research BV is the first Life Science Company dedicated to prevention and treatment of unwanted muscle loss. Illnesses and injuries leading to either hospitalization or restricted activity often result in loss of muscle mass. Older patients can lose up to 10% of their lower leg muscle mass, in only three days of hospitalization. For patients who have lost muscle mass as a result from injury or disease OrgaNext Research is developing Recovery Booster therapies; a new class of prescription drugs that will support the recovery process by stimulating the proliferation of satellite cells, also known as new muscle cells.

Mission, Vision, Values OrgaNext